"Hooked On Dogs is just wonderful! We love it and trust our dog Moose to them often. Moose is a chocolate lab mix and still quite young, just over a year now. Needless to say he has an abundance of energy. We love to take him to Hooked On Dogs for the day because he gets so much play time and socialization. It enables us to spend the day away from home and know that he is safe and also having a good time. When we pull into their driveway, he can't get out of the car and in their gate fast enough, that is how much he loves it there. Best part of all is that he is happily exhausted for the rest of the evening! We have been taking him there since he was six months old and highly recommend it!

- The Allen Family

   "My dog is Loki and he LOVES Hooked On Dogs! In fact, we are both fans of and very much Hooked On Dogs! Barbara and Ralph LOVE their dogs (mine and yours and theirs) and devote many  hours a day to playing with them, feeding them, and just socializing with them! Barbara spoils ME by e-mailing me pictures and videos of Loki while I'm away so I won't worry and fret about his well-being. And there's no need to ask Loki how he likes it there...he's wagging his tail as we go in and dragging his tail (from playing with the other dogs) when I pick him up! He's always a 'happy camper' when I take him to Hooked On Dogs, and I've taken him there three times in the last year!

Barbara has certificates and years of experience in training, working                     with and caring for dogs, and most important she is kind and attentive to all the dogs under her care. This slightly higher fee than traditional kennels is absolutely worth the peace of mind for a healthy boarding place that makes my dog happy. When I leave town, I leave Loki in the best of care with Barbara & Ralph Darrow."

- Kitty Patterson

   " Barbara and Ralph have been a wonderful addition to the family for our dog, Asha. We have been watching her for our son, and she is a very active, stubborn Golden Retriever. She is currently 18 months old and has been going to day care twice a week for the last several months. She has also boarded with Barbara and Ralph for several days. I always feel confident that Asha will be treated with love and that they will help get some of that 'puppy energy' out so that she will not be so bored at home when my husband and I are at work. I highly recommend them for any of your dog's needs."

- Carol Germano

   "There is one compelling piece of evidence that demonstrates that Hooked On Dogs is a great place to take our dog: Our dog loves going there. She jumps out of the car and runs up to the gate to get inside so she can see Ralph and Barbara and play with the other dogs. That was all I needed to see."

- Paul Wright 

 "Our husky loves going to play at day care with Barbara and Ralph! She's happy and tired after a full day of excitement and stimulation. Upon our first meeting it was obvious to our family how much love and affection is provided for all of the puppies at Hooked On Dogs. It eases our minds when we h ave to be away that she can be in a safe, happy and loving environment. Thank you both for what you do!"

- Janeen Sharrar 

 "I met Barbara a few years ago. I was going on a trip for one week and my Bichon Frise, named Ali, had the opportunity to stay at Barbara's house while I was gone. Barbara has the nicest, home-style dog boarding that I've had Ali at. It's quite comfortable and Ali is always welcomed into their house with open arms. I am so very happy Ali and I found Barbara."

- DiAnne Rocha

   "There is one compelling piece of evidence that demonstrates that Hooked on Dogs is a great place to take our dog: our dog loves going there. She jumps out of the car and runs up to the gate to get inside so she can see Ralph and Barbara and play with the other dogs. That was all I needed to see."

- Paul Wright

 "Barbara and Ralph have been life savers for my active Labrador, Libby. Libby is a 'regular' at Hooked on Dogs daycare and is always excited to be there. She arrives first thing in the morning ready to run, wrestle, swim and play with the other dogs and is a well exercised, tired girl at the end of the day. The supervised play and socializing time she has there is exactly what she needs to stay healthy and happy. I have also boarded Libby with the Darrows, and feel so comfortable that Libby is well cared for and loved in my absence. The Darrows have created a perfect second home for my or anyone's beloved dog, whether it's daycare or overnight boarding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun, loving, safe environment for their pet."

- Denise Raggon

    "I first became acquainted with Hooked On Dogs when I got a rescue German Shepherd from Pets Without Partners. After only having Lewis a few months we were planning a vacation and needed to board him somewhere. Checked with Pets Without Partners and they referred me to Barbara Darrow of Hooked On Dogs. Lewis was evaluated and approved, so started the partnership with Barbara and Ralph.

   We first had Lewis attend a play day one day a week and then the week before our vacation had him stay overnight. He did wonderfully and was very well taken care of. We left for a two week vacation without any doubts that Lewis would be in good hands. Barbara kept us abreast of his activities via short videos of Lewis playing and so we were completely comfortable with leaving him.

   I highly recommend Hooked On Dogs for boarding or just play dates."

- Shirley McCarthy

   "My guys sure love coming to your place. When we drive up they are ready to leave the car and get through your gate at high speed. Bingo has such a love affair with your granddaughter Zoe, as she obviously loves him. I can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking such good care of them. If you couldn't take them we would end up staying home if it's a trip that we are not taking the RV. They are never so happy when we have left them anywhere else. Thanks again for your super care of all our fur babies, they are our children in fur."

- Pam & Gary Blackwell

    "Like many, our Abbigayle (Abbie), is another member of our family. As expected with our two legged children, we strived to make sure they were always cared for in a safe environment when not with us. This is Exactly what we found at HOOKED ON DOGS, Barbara & Ralph Darrow.

    Whether it has been for a day, a week or more, our Abbie has always been very well cared for. She has been played with & loved on as if she was an extension of their family. So much so that we just have to mention we are going there and/or mention any of Abbie's doggy friends and she goes straight to the door. And, if we don't get to the door fast enough, she runs back to where we are and then runs right back to the door again!

So, be it for their dog training skills; for you mostly and also your dog, doggy day care, boarding, etc., they are a Top Dog (hahaha) facility. We highly recommend (and have) you give them a call and check out HOOKED ON DOGS. You will be impressed with their set-up, the cleanliness & their true affection for what they do. You will leave assured your 4 legged loved one will be well cared for and have lots of fun at HOOKED ON DOGS. Just ask Abbie!"

- Bonnie & Scott Perry 

  "We are so happy that we found "Hooked On Dogs" when we needed to board our dog, Honey.  You guys are so great with all the dogs and our Honey really enjoys her twice-a-week play days at your place, playing with the other dogs there.  She, being a Golden Retriever, has so much energy to burn, and those two days during the week gives us a break as well as wearing her down! 

Thanks for being there.!

 Love you guys...."

Jeanette & Ron

    "If you are a dog owner, then you know that leaving your dog with someone to take care of can be a stressful event for both yourself and your dog. We have found Hooked on Dogs via word of mouth. This boarding facility has worked out very nicely for us and our dog.    Barbara and Ralph are dog owners themselves and Barbara is also a professional dog trainer, so they are not the run of the mill boarding facility. They meet the dog for trial before making a commitment to board the dog to see if it is going to work out. The facility is wonderful for the dogs, as they have put a room aside with furniture etc., they play classical music for the dogs and never have more than four dogs at one time. They are very thorough in making sure the dogs are current on their shots.

    We are very comfortable in leaving our dog at this facility and we highly recommend if you are looking for a wonderful place for your dog and can relax knowing they are in good care. We have left our pet here several times for different lengths of time and have never been disappointed in the care of our family pet."

Donald and Lois Jacobs

  "We called Barbara of Hooked on Dogs to train our six month-old Lhasa Apso.  She employs positive reinforcement in her training and is extremely effective.  Barbara is eminently qualified as a trainer with more than 15 years experience.  Barbara and her husband also maintain a small dog hotel in their home which we have used with complete confidence and satisfaction.  If you are a serious pet owner looking for a top notch trainer,  and are willing to put the time in to follow up, consideration-we whole heartedly recommend Hooked on Dogs."

- Warren and Donna Downey

    "Mungo & Dillon whine with excitement whenever we pull up to Hooked on Dogs, their combined home-away-from-home + fun doggy dude ranch. They love owner Barbara Darrow and her husband Ralph and playing with the other dogs there. We appreciate the homey atmosphere, clean crates and yards, and personal attention and careful socialization of all the dogs so that everyone is safe and happy."

- Charles & Marla Doherty

     "Liberty and the Three Kennels - Once upon a time, a chocolate lab named Liberty needed a place to stay while her family was away.
She went to check out a big facility east of Redding and it felt way too institutionalized. The staff was very nice, but it was just too vanilla for this chocolate lady.
    She investigated a medium sized facility south of Redding, but it was too claustrophobic and loud for this home girl . Again the staff was nice, but it just wasn't a good fit for the free spirit of Liberty.
    Then Liberty found Hooked on Dogs. 'Wow' she thought, 'this place feels just right!'. She said to herself, 'It feels like I'm at my house. I have my own crate, I can swim in the pool, the staff take videos of me and e-mail them to my family while they're away and there's only a couple of other dogs here each day for me to compete with in getting attention. I can stay here whenever I need to, whether my family is on vacation of they just need me to stay in a safe and loving environment while they run errands all day. Oh, and I just love the special cuddle time each night. Again, it's just like home, my family doesn't allow me on the furniture at my house and somehow Ralph and Barbara knew this and they didn't let me on the couch, although the other dogs were allowed. In fact Ralph and Barbara knew everything about me, huh I wonder how they knew all that?'
    As the tail goes, Liberty had a great stay at a place that felt just right for her. She was well cared for, got plenty of attention and learned how to swim…yeah, that's right, this chocolate lab didn't know how to swim before her stay at Hooked on Dogs. Liberty is a spoiled house dog that might get lost in the woods if left on her own. Although spoiled, she's not allowed on the furniture at our house. What a great place Hooked on Dogs is and I'd recommend it to anyone needing a place for their four legged family member whether for a day or a week."

- Steve and Elena Cross - highly recommend Hooked on Dogs - Redding, CA

Hooked on dogs is a great place for our dog Dante. When we have needed overnight/weekend care, I can feel confident that his needs are being met and he's having a great time socializing with other dogs. Before Dante came to Hooked on dogs, he was dog aggressive and needing socializing. Barbara spent time carefully introducing him to many different dogs, all with the same result - PLAY!
    Thank you Hooked on Dogs for being Dante's home away from home!"

- Laurie & Chris Sumner, Redding, CA

     "We have had are GSD at Hooked on Dogs with Barbara since he was 5 months old and we were so impressed with the home like environment. Our dog Bruno was treated like family and is always very excited to go see Barbara and Ralph. 
    Bruno is now 9 months and over 80 lbs and when we  were in need of some additional help with walking on leash, and some manners we again called on Barbara to help us train Bruno. We are in the middle of training and I can already see changes, Barbara is great at explaining what to do, what to look out for and very patient with Bruno who often has"Puppy Brain" during training."

- Dianna & Paul Corbisiero, Redding, CA  (Bruno too)

    "My husband and I work full time and found that our dog was digging up the yard during the day and acting out at night.  Sadie ( our dog) was waking me up several times during the night just to get attention.  I realized that she was bored and lonely.  We had an obligation to find a doggy daycare. 
    I researched online and found Hooked On Dogs.  We couldn't be happier.  Sadie loves going to Barbara & Ralph's house twice a week.   They are great with Sadie and have been great with us.
    Thank you Barbara & Ralph."

- Denise Reistad
, Redding, CA

     "As you know, Annie is far more than a Schnauzer to me. So, being a working "Mom" I wanted Annie to be in a safe, loving homelike environment.
    To find such a wonderful place, in addition to folks with the professional expertise to care for her, was more than I had ever thought I would find.
     Annie actually looks forward to her three days per week daycare. She knows where she is going when we get into the car! She is able to socialize with other dogs safely, due to your constant care.
     Because Annie is so comfortable with you, her week long stay was not at all stressful on her. She felt right at home.
     In addition, having you listed in my "emergency plan", should Annie need to be cared for, is a great relief for this single "Mom".
     I cannot thank you enough for all of your loving care you give my Annie. You folks are the best!"

- Sue Tiffany, Oak Run, CA

    "A friend referred us to Hooked On Dogs. Our Lab (Lilly) had had a traumatic experience at a kennel. She suffered a laceration to her flank and had to have surgery to repair it. Lilly would become fearful whenever she thought we were going to leave her with someone.
     Barbara and Ralph worked with her over a few months and to our surprise, she overcame her fear. It was as if she sensed somehow that these people were safe to be with.
     Lilly loves to visit with Barbara and Ralph so much that when we arrive there to drop her off, she is so involved in greeting the other dogs and swimming, she doesn't even notice us leaving.
     When we are away, instead of worrying about Lilly, we spend our vacations waiting for the next YouTube video posts of Lilly enjoying her vacation."

- Glenn & Kathy Morris, Anderson, CA