"Our dog Cooper loves it at Hooked on Dogs,  and he can't wait when we arrive to get through the gate.  I think every dog would love to find a place to stay while Mom and Dad are away, or just busy.  I feel once a week is hardly enough, but it helps our dog enjoy times we cannot give him.  We know he is safe and well cared for, but most importantly loved.  We were blessed the day we found "Hooked on Dogs."

- Ruth Bonini

   "Hooked On Dogs Boarding is a wonderful place to take your dog. They have a big yard, pool and the dogs have a blast. The owners are wonderful people who love dogs and Max comes home tired and happy.

   Not sure what I would have done without them recently. Ralph and Barbara really helped out with Max during a difficult time.  You won't find two nicer people to take care of your dog. "

 - Laura Knight (Max's Mom)

   "When we decided that our Springer Spaniel puppy, AJ, needed some place to burn off all of his excess energy we looked around and found Hooked on Dogs.  It has been a little over a year that AJ has been going to Hooked on Dogs and we all love it.  They treat him, and us, like family.  If we mention Ralph or Barbara's name at home AJ gets all excited and looks at us as if to say 'Can I go. can I go and play with all my friends?'.    When we play the YouTube videos and he hears Barbara's voice he tries to figure out how to get in the computer to see her.  And the pool….. he loves the pool and will swim and swim for hours.  The best thing is he gets all of his "ya ya's " out when he is there and come home a happy sleepy dog.  Thank you so much for all that you have done to help AJ learn how to socialize with other dogs and people.  You both are the BESTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Jean and Ed Cianflone

   "I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Hooked On Dogs. Barbara and Ralph are two of the most loving, caring, knowledgeable people regarding the daily operation of their baby "Hooked On Dogs". And did I mention they do it with fun, laughter and smiles for all dogs, people included too!"

"I brought my little Brittney there when he was just a pup. I wanted him to be socialized with other dogs and people too. Well he is two years old now and I wouldn't think of not continuing our weekly one full day visit. When I ask my boy if he wants to go to "doggie daycare" he erupts with joy and races to the garage door! He simply loves it there. And I love that he is there. A win-win for both of us…"

- Joan Shepard

   "From the first time my husband and I arrived at Hooked on Dogs to have Barbara and Ralph meet and interview our new little labradoodle Whiskey, we knew we found the most amazing place for our little guy to be cared for.    Every time we drop him off, whether it is for a day or a week, we feel 100% confident that he is well taken care of and loved like he is their own.   One of my favorite things Barbara does while we are away is she sends us video of Whiskey playing.  It gives us comfort because we can see for ourselves how happy he is.   Thank you Barbara and Ralph for loving our little "Whiskey Business" as much as we do."

- JoAnn McNabb

   "Barbara and Ralph at Hooked on Dogs are a favorite Aunt and Uncle to our dog, Angel who looks forward to weekly day care and occasional extended boarding when we are on vacation.  Angel is always happy to see them and loves playing with the other dogs. They have carefully screened all the dogs to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Either Barbara or Ralph or both are there to supervise the dogs when they are outside in the play zone, where the dogs are free to run, dig, and swim if desired. It is a delight to see and hear Barbara's You Tube videos of the dogs playing with each other. We couldn't ask for better care and attention of Angel.

   Hooked on Dogs is a very clean and organized facility both outside and inside for the dogs.  Barbara and Ralph know each dog's personality and interacts with them accordingly. They always provide a loving and disciplined environment which gives us great comfort.  Thank you Barbara and Ralph for all you do for us and Angel. "

- Barbee and Brad Seiser

   "Hooked On Dogs is everything they promise to be and so much more!  Barbara and Ralph are always friendly, helpful, and accommodating.  They genuinely care about all the daycare & boarding dogs, adapting the care they offer based on what is best for each dog's personality and needs.  My dog, Finley, started coming to Hooked On Dogs when he was 4 months old for daycare on a weekly basis.  I feel he is the well-socialized, friendly dog that he is today because he had the opportunity to play and interact with a wide variety of dogs, including different dog sizes, personalities, and breeds. Finley still goes to daycare on a weekly basis (two years later) due to my long work hours, his high energy level, and the fact that he flat out LOVES every minute of his time at Hooked on Dogs. He is absolutely ecstatic to run, play, and socialize with his doggy friends. He comes home worn out and immediately zonks right out after eating his dinner.  I have to say though that the best thing about sending your dog to Hooked On Dogs is that when your dog can't be with his/her family, they are able to be a part of Barbara and Ralph's family.  They take them under wing and make them so comfortable and happy. You are able to feel at ease & guilt-free that your pet is well cared for, well-exercised, and having the time of his/her life!"

- Joy Dwyer

   "I met Barbara a few years ago. I was going on a trip for one week and my Bichon Frise, named Ali, had the opportunity to stay at Barbara's house while I was gone. Barbara has the nicest, home-style dog boarding that I've had Ali at. It's quite comfortable and Ali is always welcomed into their house with open arms. I am so very happy Ali and I found Barbara."

- DiAnne Rocha

   "Barbara and Ralph have been life savers for my active Labrador, Libby. Libby is a 'regular' at Hooked on Dogs daycare and is always excited to be there. She arrives first thing in the morning ready to run, wrestle, swim and play with the other dogs and is a well exercised, tired girl at the end of the day. The supervised play and socializing time she has there is exactly what she needs to stay healthy and happy. I have also boarded Libby with the Darrows, and feel so comfortable that Libby is well cared for and loved in my absence. The Darrows have created a perfect second home for my or anyone's beloved dog, whether it's daycare or overnight boarding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun, loving, safe environment for their pet."

- Denise Raggon

   "My guys sure love coming to your place. When we drive up they are ready to leave the car and get through your gate at high speed. Bingo has such a love affair with your granddaughter Zoe, as she obviously loves him. I can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking such good care of them. If you couldn't take them we would end up staying home if it's a trip that we are not taking the RV. They are never so happy when we have left them anywhere else. Thanks again for your super care of all our fur babies, they are our children in fur."

- Pam & Gary Blackwell

   "If you are a dog owner, then you know that leaving your dog with someone to take care of can be a stressful event for both yourself and your dog. We have found Hooked on Dogs via word of mouth. This boarding facility has worked out very nicely for us and our dog.    Barbara and Ralph are dog owners themselves and Barbara is also a professional dog trainer, so they are not the run of the mill boarding facility. They meet the dog for trial before making a commitment to board the dog to see if it is going to work out. The facility is wonderful for the dogs, as they have put a room aside with furniture etc., they play classical music for the dogs and never have more than four dogs at one time. They are very thorough in making sure the dogs are current on their shots.

    We are very comfortable in leaving our dog at this facility and we highly recommend if you are looking for a wonderful place for your dog and can relax knowing they are in good care. We have left our pet here several times for different lengths of time and have never been disappointed in the care of our family pet."

Donald and Lois Jacobs

   "Mungo & Dillon whine with excitement whenever we pull up to Hooked on Dogs, their combined home-away-from-home + fun doggy dude ranch. They love owner Barbara Darrow and her husband Ralph and playing with the other dogs there. We appreciate the homey atmosphere, clean crates and yards, and personal attention and careful socialization of all the dogs so that everyone is safe and happy."

- Charles & Marla Doherty  

   "My husband and I work full time and found that our dog was digging up the yard during the day and acting out at night.  Sadie ( our dog) was waking me up several times during the night just to get attention.  I realized that she was bored and lonely.  We had an obligation to find a doggy daycare. 
    I researched online and found Hooked On Dogs.  We couldn't be happier.  Sadie loves going to Barbara & Ralph's house twice a week.   They are great with Sadie and have been great with us.
    Thank you Barbara & Ralph."

- Denise Reistad
, Redding, CA